Alma Sehic Van Duys

Classical Guitarist & Movement Educator

       "I have been a teacher for more than thirty years, so I think I know a good teacher when I see one, and Alma Sehic is a great teacher.  I began my guitar studies with a well-known professor of guitar at the Mannes School of Music in New York, and I can say without a doubt that Alma’s understanding of the mechanics of playing the guitar are far superior. She deconstructed my technique right down to how I was breathing and rebuilt it to the point where my tone is one hundred percent better.  
 Through the use of body-mapping methods I have learned to relax and play with much less effort. This has allowed me to play with more accuracy, speed, and touch.
 She is patient enough for beginners and has a command of the repertoire to satisfy the most advanced student. We are working now on color, dynamics, and phrasing – all the things that make listening to the guitar a joy. Ms. Sehic’s insights into the aesthetics of the music are a revelation." (Rick, November 21, 2015). 
        "I’m a senior citizen recovering from a serious elbow injury that required surgery. Alma Sehic has been a key part of my rehabilitation and has enabled me to enjoy trying to make music again. With the help of her knowledge of body mapping and her musical ability, I’ve recovered the use of my hand and fingers and have re-discovered the joy of playing the guitar. Her apparently infinite patience and unfailing good humor make every lesson a pleasure. I recommend her highly to anyone of any age who wants to get playing!" (Julia, Oct. 4, 2015)