Alma Sehic Van Duys

Classical Guitarist & Movement Educator

"We move according to how we think we are structured and not how we are actually structured."  (William Conable)

Guitar studying is often full of incorrect information about our body's design and its movement in playing. This is why certain directives such as “pull your shoulders down, "sit straight,” or “relax" need to be replaced with a more accurate information about how our body is designed in order to move more efficiently. This misinformation, sometimes based on culturally accepted body myths or simply our own misperceptions of the body, can lead to distorting playing techniques and in some cases even injuries. 

As a trainee and promoter of Body Mapping, Alma Van Duys addresses the causes of these wide-spread issues by incorporating the innovative method of Body Mapping into her own teaching practice. 

 "By using correct information on body in movement (anatomy), demonstration, experiential movement, and     appropriate technical training, my pedagogy seeks to eliminate unnecessary muscle tension through mind-body unity. My goal is to promote body awareness and to train guitarists to understand their physical movements, how these affect their artistic interpretations, and how to practice in the most efficient way possible. I find that this conscious approach prevents the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries, a common problem for serious guitar students. It also helps the students move effortlessly towards the goal of mastery." 

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